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International marketing

Imagine that you have a dream of a business or a private business. Is your product the quality required for the global market, which markets do you need, and how suitable for the global market?

All these questions revolve in your mind and do not find who answers?
But from today, it's easy after you found Group Marhab

We will answer you for everything that goes on in your mind and what does not

We help you understand the global market through a set of steps
After determining the manufactured product we review the specifications and quality and whether it is suitable for the global market or need to make some adjustments to it and the suitability of the market for the recipient and review and refutation of countries and their needs for this product
Informing you about the export provisions according to the laws in the country of exporting and importing
We direct you to choose the right competitive price for the world market
Helping you create product ad campaigns, promote the global market, train you to communicate with customers, learn about their changing needs and leave a good picture of your product.
Help you create a website to explain your product to the global market
Publish your website to host companies
Publish your website to specialized international sites
Subscribe to electronic directories
Helping you to know the places and dates of the international exhibitions to display your product
Here your product has been marketed internationally as do the major companies and all you have left is to follow the results

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The relations developed with our clients are the subject of particular attention to the following points:
-to be at the service of the customer
-clearly identify objectives, developprecise specifications
-establish a rigorous planning
-develop a working partnership based on trust
-make scalable products that meet the needs


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