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Agriculture Equipment

For more than 10 years, Group merhab  offers innovative, productive agriculture and farming equipment. View our full line of forage equipment.


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No time to run all over trying to track down parts? No problem. Group merhab can help you determine what parts you need for your machine. Why waste your time running down parts all over town, or spending hours on the internet, or wondering if you even got the right part for your machine? Trust Group merhab parts professionals to help you choose the right tooling for your equipment and your job conditions

How to get the spare parts

Whether you’re looking to walk in, call in or email us , when it comes to Group merhab. You can pick parts up at your local Area or have them delivered to you.
Fast. Accurate. Affordable. Dependable. That’s Group merhab . That’s another example of how the Group merhab team equips you to do more. You can count on our team to get the parts you need when you need them to keep your equipment on the job.

Our Range Of work

our field is wide you can describe to us your spare parts or send the reference number of the drawing and we will get to you with satiscation answer    


Please Fill Up the form with all the required details regarding to your spare parts and we will get to you as soon as possible