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Who are we :

Group Merhab 

Group Merhab as , Customs Clearance, Shipping, Consultancy and International Marketing was established in 2009 and is one of the most promising companies in this field because of its extensive experience and professional team with legal background and extensive experience in customs affairs and laws to provide consultancy or solutions in various aspects related to work in Customs clearance, import, export and international marketing.

Services :

Group Merhab imports & exports Chinese products to various Arab regions as international regions where we put China in your hands.
The most important thing we are concerned about is the convenience of the customer
Where we are the import and export service for the account of others, with very efficiently by involving experts and specialists in this field , Which gives the group Mrehab leadership in this area and is one of the best import & exports companies from Algeria in china
Group Merhab deals with major Chinese companies which enjoy a good reputation and serve the importer.
The following types of services we provide:


Consulting Services and International Marketing

Imagine that you have a dream is in trade or private commercial project, presumably you are creative and your dream is to reach the world markets and do not know where to start, and to go from? How ..?what ..Does your product with the required quality for the global market or any market need, and the appropriateness of your production in the world market ? And what is the extent of the customer satisfaction in ?  all this you will find it at Group merhab.
- High performance
- on time 


Commercial Services

One of Group Merhab main functions is the export business for traders who would like to come to China to buy their goods , or who would like to import without coming, we offer them search for the best sources to buy goods, arranging contracts with Chinese companies, goods receipt and inspection in our warehouse before loading and shipping, with best shipping rates, we provide all necessary documents for customs clearance in the country of destination. 
Features :
-High quality features
- best price
- on time


Shipping & Customs

Group Merhab , offers all maritime transport services          
(maritime shipping services), container shipping and container transport , and extraction of bills of lading and the accuracy of their data code( waybill maritime) taking into account the lack of delay in the arrival port, also offer the best sea shipping prices, due to the direct dealings with major shipping companies (COSCO, CMA, MSC ....,):
- global shipping
- CMA, MSK, MERSK ..... 
- Best prices in the market
- on time

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Ready for orders and work with you

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wechat    : merhab / sofia9977 / ciasoft   
Phone      : +86 13729808284 
Adresses : 广州市海珠区琶洲商业广场2栋A座 501 
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The relations developed with our clients are the subject of particular attention to the following points:
-to be at the service of the customer
-clearly identify objectives, develop precise specifications
-establish a rigorous planning
-develop a working partnership based on trust
-make scalable products that meet the needs


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